We guarantee operational quality in all processes


Lavaderos Europa SLU has an exclusive HSEQ department to respond to any contingency


Each person in our company is unique, that is why the safety of all Lavaderos Europa SLU employees, as well as our clients, is one of our mainstays.

We encourage everyone to be aware of their actions and the risks involved, to mitigate these and make our company a safe place. Together we are building a culture of safety.




In all our operations we seek excellence. That is why quality is a value and an objective of our company.

To achieve this objective, at Lavaderos Europa SLU, we promote the continuous improvement of the entire organization and the involvement of all our members, focusing on the satisfaction of both internal and external customers.


At Lavaderos Europa SLU we are committed to the Environment. Some of the daily practices that we implement in our operations in all our stations are: the use of the best available technology (BAT), the use of safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products, the reduction of waste and recycling.


We are committed to providing the resources necessary to protect the environment and we not only comply with all applicable environmental laws but also strive to improve them.



At Lavaderos Europa SLU, health is one of our highest priorities for both our neighbors, our customers and our employees.

We meet or exceed national industry standards for safe operation in all of our facilities.