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Located in the industrial area of Seseña.


Our Seseña office is located in the industrial area of Seseña, with easy road access and where we offer most of our main services.

List of services

Drying facility

Drying facility

This service includes drying the tanks / Isotanks by means of a flow of hot air that provides a fast and efficient system for the immediate evaporation of the remaining moisture in the tank.

Interior cleaning and steaming

Interior cleaning and steaming

Internal cleaning and steamiang of tanks, silos and intermodal transport containers that have transported ADR, food and other products in general.

Kosher cleaning

Kosher cleaning

This service is carried out in compliance with the strict Jewish regulations guaranteeing the requested cleanliness, purity and quality. If necessary, a certificate can be issued by a rabbi.

Heating of tanks and containers

Heating of tanks and containers

This service is performed due to the problem of cooling the loaded product, either due to weather conditions or specific temperature needs of the product to be unloaded. Always under the strictest security measures.

Other services

  • Fax for drivers.
  • Showers.

Upcoming services

  • Cafeteria-Restaurant
  • Gas station.
  • AP-4 Autopista, Seseña exit, 500 m away.

Payment methods

  • Cash.
  • By credit card or similar (Solred, Ressa, Uta, DKV, TRAVIS R.S.).
  • On credit if you have a customer account. A customer account will only be opened after a minimum of ten washes have been credited and after authorisation by the management.

Facilities and equipments

  • 3 Washing tracks.
  • 30 Rotational.
  • 2 Steam generators.
  • Treatment plant with physico-chemical and biological treatment.
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Location and contact details

Camino del Ventorrillo, 8, 45223 Seseña, Toledo, España Seseña

Tel. Office: +34 977 547 006

Tel. Cleaning Station: +34 918 936 002

Responsible for the Clean Station: Sr. Isidoro Cháves de La Casa

GPS coordinates: -3.64998 - 40.10489

Hours: from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 21:00

Non-Cleaned Services:

  • Class 1 ADR Explosive substances and articles.
  • Class 4.2 ADR Spontaneously flammable substances.
  • Class 4.3 ADR Substances which in contact with water give off flammable gases.
  • Class 5.2 ADR Organic peroxides.
  • Class 6.2 ADR Infectious Substances.
  • Class 7 ADR Radioactive materials.
  • Dinitrobencene(6.1) Nitrochlorobencene(6.2).

Contact us

Fill in the attached form with your information. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with any further information you may require.